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How to

Be Happy

Let there be Love. Let there be warmth during winter, sunshine in darkness deep down the trough of depression. Let there be Light. A light that shines through you in your times of troubles. Let there be Life. A life filled with joy, happiness and laughter. A life of peace, progress and prosperity. A life of hope. A life worth living for.

These two words are easier to say and harder to get done. How many of us suffer from trauma, depression, mental disorder, and more physically visible problems of poverty, illness, disease, natural disasters and tragedies, etc. Yet, many of us continue to suffer in silence. StarCharity is a site to help you. It is a tall order. So we need as much support as possible but we will endeavor to accomplish our mission regardless.

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Write To Us

The world is full of problems. Don't let these problems burden you by putting them all on your shoulders. Share with us. A problem shared is a problem halved. Oh yes, and you can write about happy things too. A joy shared is a joy doubled or maybe 3x, 4x, 3xponential...


We Shall Overcome

We chronicle the daily lives of our star community, both the happy, the sad, and well maybe also the mediocre. Life is beautiful but as we all know, it is not always a bed of roses but we will not only just get by but we shall overcome... and thrive too...


Talk To Us

Don't be shy. Talk to us. It's hard? Yeah... It's hard... but for your sake and our sake, please try... We will have a listening ear to your problems. We are your brothers and sisters. We are always here for you. We love you. Always...

On the move

We are here for you wherever you are. From Asia, Europe, the US, etc. to the whole wide world and the universe…

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Right On Time!

We are here for you!

All the Time